Ura Craftmanilla


Every year we employ hundreds of workers for the industry- and construction sites. Our most typical work sites include industrial construction projects and maintenance assignments. We operate in international projects all around Europe and South America. We believe in fearless attitude towards work and strong industry know-how. We always have room for motivated and skilled workers. English Language skills we consider as great advantage for applicants. If you’re interested in working with us, you can send us your CV together with an open job application.

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For our employees, we are above all a reliable employer. We provide a safe and reliable working environment for our employees as well as the opportunity for continuous learning and self-development. We want to ensure that employees feel comfortable at work and in leisure time. Our workers will be always equipped with the best working clothes and tools. In addition, we always strive to quality accommodation solutions.


Our employees work in international projects – even outside Europe. We always take care of our employees’ occupational health and hospitality services. In the absence of a certificate required for the job, we arrange the necessary training for our employee before starting work.



Uruguay, Montes del Plata 2012-2014

Malta, Marsaxlokk 2015-2016

Finland, Äänekoski 2017