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Jari Kähkönen
CEO / Sales
+358 40 015 6425

Piotr Gidel
Proxy & Country Manager
+48 51 245 8987

Christian Filist
Regional Manager
+358 40 189 5659

Jan Petäjäkangas
Marketing Manager
+358 40 038 3080

Miika Heikkinen
COO / Sales
+358 40 015 3726

Jerzy Lulek
Human Resources Manager
+48 53 705 0669

Marcin Lysiak
Human Resources Consultant
+48 78 845 2525

Lauri Törrö
Chairman Of The Board
+358 40 025 5610

    Contact Us

    Liuskekuja 3 lt 3
    90630 Oulu

    ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 1
    50-077 Wroclaw



    We have adopted electronic processing of invoices and hope to receive all invoices from you in electronic format.

    Craftman Oy, 2421301-9
    Electronic invoice address: 003724213019
    Operator: Pohjola (OKOYFIHH)


    Craftman is a partner for construction and industrial companies that specializes in personnel resourcing and operating with polish professionals.Our headquarters are located at Oulu, Finland but we operate all around Europe and Southern part of America


    Every year we employ hundreds of workers for the industry and construction. Our typical sites include industrial construction projects and maintenance assignments. We work in international projects all around Europe and South America. If you’re interested in working with us, you can send us your CV together with an open job application.