Craftmanilta laite- ja putkiasentajat teollisuuden hankkeisiin

Pipe and tank assemblers

To work with the welders or for separate installations, we can get you professional-level pipe and tank assemblers. Our assemblers are experienced in, among others, installing industrial pipework, pressure boilers, and pipelines for gas, chemicals, and water. You can trust in the quality of our assemblers’ work – everything is always done with consideration to environmental issues and occupational safety is never compromised. All our personnel always have the certificates and work permits that that fulfill the legal requirements of the target country and work site. All our pipe and tank assemblers are always equipped with high-quality work clothes and hand tools. Every year, our pipe and tank assemblers are kept busy by numerous industrial projects and facility maintenance operations such as shutdowns of factories.  Whether it’s about building a new facility, or maintenance work on an existing one, our expert assemblers will carry out the task in hand quickly without compromising quality.  

Professional pipe and tank assemblers fast and with ease

Our pipe and tank assemblers never start working without the certificates that fulfill the legal requirements of the target country and site. We also induct our employees in accordance with the individual requirements of our customers and the work site and organise necessary trainings for our employees before starting the work. We take care of our pipe and tank assemblers’ occupational safety. Our workers always use the high quality work clothes and wear the best personal safety equipment such as safety harnesses that are inspected regularly. Our assemblers always hold a valid occupational safety card. In addition, we aim to train all our employees to have emergency medical care skills in case of any accidents occur at work site. Our strengths are worker availability and deliveries even with a short notice. Thanks to our Polish subsidiary specialised in labour acquisition and testing, we can find the required number of professional pipe and tank assemblers for even the biggest industrial projects. Our permanent employee reserves – covering hundreds of workers – enable us to deliver personnel extremely quickly, even in a matter of days. Our staffing service always includes the full service. We deliver our pipe and tank assemblers to the target country where we take care of accommodations, vehicles, required certificates as well as working clothes, hand tools and safety equipment. The only thing left to the customer is to inform us starting date and the required number of employees.


Uruguay, Montes del Plata 2012-2014

Malta, Marsaxlokk 2015-2016

Finland, Äänekoski 2017