Craftman on projektikumppanisi teollisuuden ja rakennusalan henkilöstöresursoinnissa

Project partnership

In our service concept of project partnership, cooperation with our client begins  already during offer request and planning. We are a reliable and flexible partner in personnel resource allocation even in the most demanding projects and we react quickly to sudden changes in the manpower of work site. Our customers can trust to our expertise, labor shortages should never be a barrier for the approval and execution of new projects.

We agree with the client subject of the work, the tasks, the time and the number of employees required.

Our affiliated company CM-recruiting will recruit workers according to customers requirements or we use our permanent employee resources.

We arrange flights for our employees to the destination where we will take care of local legislation, obligations of supplier, trainings and certifications required for the work.

We arrange for our employees accommodation, vehicle, working clothes and hand tools required for the work.

Workers are ready to work in an agreed place and time.