Henkilöstövuokraus teollisuuteen ja rakennusalalle

Staffing service

We can provide you workers in wide variety of industries whether you need people for short- or long-term assignments. Our strengths include worker availability and fast deliveries even on a tight schedule. Our staffing service always includes the whole package. We arrange workers transportation to the site, accommodation, transportation between the accommodation and the work site, high-quality hand tools and working clothes required for the particular job. We also arrange occupational health and medical care services for the workers, take care of all responsibilities of a supplier and comply with the laws of the country of destination.

We agree with the client subject of the work, the tasks, the time and the number of employees required.

Our affiliated company CM-recruiting will recruit workers according to customers requirements or we use our permanent employee resources.

We arrange flights for our employees to the destination where we will take care of local legislation, obligations of supplier, trainings and certifications required for the work.

We arrange for our employees accommodation, vehicle, working clothes and hand tools required for the work.

Workers are ready to work in an agreed place and time.