Craftman toimittaa työntekijöitä teollisuuteen ja rakennusalalle


Easy, fast, reliable

We are a Finnish partner for construction and industrial companies that specializes in personnel resourcing and operating with both finnish and polish professionals. Thanks to our efficient recruitment and employee network, you will find employees of your company’s needs quickly and effortlessly. Our strong industry expertise makes it possible to supply workers also for short periods or projects where the need for labor varies greatly – without forgetting long-term project partnerships with our customers.

Before sending workers to destination they are tested, certified and legalized in accordance with the law of the country of destination and the workplace instruction. We deliver employees regardless of the destination, also outside the European Union. We also take care of all responsibilities of a supplier and comply with the laws of the country of destination.


We take care of all responsibilities of a supplier. Outsource your projects staffing with us!

Our Way of Working

We agree with the client subject of the work, the tasks, the time and the number of employees required

Our affiliated company CM-recruiting will recruit workers according to customers requirements or we use our permanent employee resources.

We arrange flights for our employees to the destination where we will take care of local legislation, obligations of supplier, trainings and certifications required for the work.

We arrange for our employees accommodation, vehicle, working clothes and hand tools required for the work.

Workers are ready to work in an agreed place and time.

Project partnership

In our service concept of project partnership, cooperation with our client begins  already during offer request and planning. We are a reliable and flexible partner in personnel resource allocation even in the most demanding projects and we react quickly to sudden changes in the manpower on work site. Our customers can trust to our expertise, labor shortages should never be a barrier for the approval and execution of new projects.

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Staffing service

We can provide you workers in wide variety of industries whether you need people for short- or long-term assignments. Our strengths include worker availability and fast deliveries even on a tight schedule. Our staffing service always includes the full service. We arrange workers’ transportation to the site, accommodation, transportation between the accommodation and the work site, high-quality hand tools and working clothes required for the particular job.

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We believe in fearless attitude towards work and strong industry know-how. We always have room for motivated and skilled workers. English Language skills are a great advantage for applicants. If you feel you might be a professional we are looking for, send us a CV and an open job application!

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For our employees, we are above all a reliable employer. We provide a safe and reliable working environment for our employees as well as the opportunity for continuous learning and self-development. We want to ensure that employees feel comfortable both at work and in leisure time.

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Our employees work in international projects - even outside Europe. We always take care of our employees' occupational health and hospitality services. In the absence of a certificate required for the job, we arrange the necessary training for our employee before starting the work.

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Uruguay, Montes del Plata 2012-2014

Malta, Marsaxlokk 2015-2016

Finland, Äänekoski 2017